Coconut Buttons

Posted by Dave Heifetz on

We all have seen the coconut buttons on the hawaiian shirts. They are wonderful & eco friendly too. The history of coconut shells usage dates back to the aboriginal people of Hawaii who used coconut shells for various purposes such as serving food, jewelry, accessories, sometimes even in the hunting spears. Although the coconut buttons were not used by the native people as most of their dresses were wrap clothes which didnt require buttons, a simple knot was fine.The first issue of Honolulu Advertiser in 1935, had an advertisement for Eastman Kodak stores which includes coconut buttons in their hawaiian shirts. 

I think coconut buttons are amazing, very sustainable instead of using the plastic resin PMMA buttons. We all know that the plastic we created to ease our life is back firing us with lot of environmental problems. We all have to switch back to more sustainable eco-friendly products. ANd yes a small change makes a difference. 




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