About us

Aloha! I'm Dave and this website is my retirement plan.
I am based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I have been in the Hawaiian vintage clothing business for the past 50 years in Canada and the USA. Since back in the days when there were no computers or the Internet! I have a vast knowledge and appreciation of Hawaiian shirts which I want to pass on to the next generation through this website. All these shirts are my collection, which I want to sell. Yes I have more than 10,000 Hawaiian shirts! Recently we began to sell online because we want our beautiful collection to be shown and sold to the world!
I also do markets in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island.
Come and say "hi" if you see me!
Thank you for stopping by my page. I hope you enjoy the shirts.
I also do hanging wall art from trash. I firmly believe that we have to take care of our earth. We are wasting a lot of resources and making a planet full of garbage.
I don't want future generations to live miserably with limited resources and garbage piles. Let's all take small steps to make the change.  And yes, a small change can make a bigger change!
My art from trash!